About moi

My name is Ruth,

a small definition of me; young, crazy and boundless.

My biggest passions are;
  • traveling
  • singing
  • fashion
  • friends
  • exploring new things
  • cats (my favorite one is my own cat called Ernie)
  • philosophize at the wrong moments
  • going to the theater
  • acting
  • going out (with friends)
  • take pictures
  • meet new people
  • moustaches & beards
I'll stop cause this list can be much longer haha!

I'm living in Utrecht one of the biggest cities in Holland. I live here with my parents cause I don't have any brothers or sisters. My real friends are like brothers and sisters to me so that's still something :)


Ella &nd Me

I'm having a blog to remember my stories and share them with other people. The blog helps me to clear my mind and I think it's a lot of fun to do.
I love writing about my adventures and stupid actions<33

Hope you'll like it!