vrijdag 13 mei 2011

I like forever after like every princess should

I woke up and still knew my dream it was such a crazy dream. I'm not the type of person who dreams a lot but this night was crazy! I've dreamed that I was runnig on a long road because I wanted to have breakfast. while I was running I saw a lot of people that I knew and didn't gave me good memories. one of them was my ex-boyfried and a girl I knew of the school before I went to highschool. My ex was asking me for breakfast but he looked scarry in his eyes (like he wanted to do poison in my food ;p). So I started runing even harder then the girl started running with me and asked me why I was running (I don't know what I said I just kept on runnig). after a long time I saw a supermmarket but I just kept on running every time I looked back I felt pain in my chest. It was so weird! the road was just long and dark with streetlight but they were off!around the road was nothing only on the right side some trees.. after the supermarket I saw a garden with pink and yellow flowers.

The girl who was running with me and I walked in. In the garden was a picnic with pancakes and we started to eat and talk about our history she said sorry. After that we started running again but we ddidn't run back we went forward again. After a few minutes I finally came home and my mom started to hold me and Marit(a good friend) was at my home and made a drawing  of the garden. All that happend after that I can't remember or that was the end and I woke up haha!
Right now I'm still in bed drinking a cup of coffee and eat my breakfast cause in a few hour I'll go to Nick :)
hmmm I hope I can post something later today but I'm not sure!
btw I'm having lookbook since a couple of days!  http://lookbook.nu/rvt I'm just started so I hope that it will work out fine haha! I'm starting to like blogspot I was so used to wordpress but this works better.
I'm thinking about what I'm gonna wear but I still don't have any idea too bad..

I am the walrus

Ok here's my stupid moment of today; I've put my micro SD card into the normal SD card station of my laptop. I've put my laptop upside down for 30 minutes and after that I picked a tweezer to get it out of the station.. that costed 8 minutes too but it was worth it haha! I looked like a person from another planet who saw a laptop for the first time in her life *quite stupid*.
But my story of today is great! I went to school and I was in this really really really good mood. so I went to my first class and second but after that all my lessons expired (at least that's what I thought) I was waiting for Hassan and everybody of my class went to home. My maths teacher came to me and said; hey Ruth do you know were everybody is? I said no guess they were at home he said oh ok cause my lesson still goes on. I was like DMN now I neede to go to maths so I came to the classroom and I was alone we were talking a little and then he said okey you can go but now I've heard that everybody of my class must come back for 2 hours at detention clas. That means that I'm not the lazy time for the first time in life :D
after that I went home and I must clean my room -.- ' after 2 hours I was finally done.. and felt like a free bird again. (:

at 17;30 I went to the city to meet up with Ella but she wanted so surprise me and took Nick(my boyfriend) with her I didn't saw him for 6 days because of his exams I was so happy! We went to the cinema and saw fast and the furious 5 it was a real man movie haha with; woman, cars, drugs, money and fighting. I actually really liked it haha (not lady like at all). after that we all went home and I went to the bathroom to take a bath I was tired! but now I can't sleep... Tomorrow I'll be at Nick's place again I can't wait for that<33

dinsdag 10 mei 2011

have a taste

Today I  started this new blog, I'm having another one on wordpress; http://brightclouds.wordpress.com/ .One of my friends said that blogspot was much better so that was enough reason to make a new one! :) From now on I'm only gonna post things on blogspot but you can still visit my brightclouds on wordpress.
Everyday I'll post something about what happend or about my outfit (I really love fashion)!
I'm still at high school in Holland and I hope I'll pass this year cause I love doing crazy things but I'm doing so much that I'm not that kind of busy at school haha
a picture of me to give the name a face (:

Love, Ruth