vrijdag 13 mei 2011

I am the walrus

Ok here's my stupid moment of today; I've put my micro SD card into the normal SD card station of my laptop. I've put my laptop upside down for 30 minutes and after that I picked a tweezer to get it out of the station.. that costed 8 minutes too but it was worth it haha! I looked like a person from another planet who saw a laptop for the first time in her life *quite stupid*.
But my story of today is great! I went to school and I was in this really really really good mood. so I went to my first class and second but after that all my lessons expired (at least that's what I thought) I was waiting for Hassan and everybody of my class went to home. My maths teacher came to me and said; hey Ruth do you know were everybody is? I said no guess they were at home he said oh ok cause my lesson still goes on. I was like DMN now I neede to go to maths so I came to the classroom and I was alone we were talking a little and then he said okey you can go but now I've heard that everybody of my class must come back for 2 hours at detention clas. That means that I'm not the lazy time for the first time in life :D
after that I went home and I must clean my room -.- ' after 2 hours I was finally done.. and felt like a free bird again. (:

at 17;30 I went to the city to meet up with Ella but she wanted so surprise me and took Nick(my boyfriend) with her I didn't saw him for 6 days because of his exams I was so happy! We went to the cinema and saw fast and the furious 5 it was a real man movie haha with; woman, cars, drugs, money and fighting. I actually really liked it haha (not lady like at all). after that we all went home and I went to the bathroom to take a bath I was tired! but now I can't sleep... Tomorrow I'll be at Nick's place again I can't wait for that<33

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